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Consultation and Strategy

Artificial Intelligence Consulting

Guidance for your leadership team on what to consider, what will change, how to start and how to Transform

Company AI Strategy Development

Harnessing the Power of AI: Unlocking a sustainable strategy for Long-Term Success

Ethics and Legal Considerations

Navigate the Ethical and Legal Compliance issues with AI: Safeguard Your Business, Protect Your Customers

Process Improvement workshops

Achieving Faster Results with Proven Process Improvement Strategies. Unlock Your Potential


Voice Recording to Compliant Report

Record audio onsite, automatically transcribed, automatically understood and magically converted to a fully compliant report in minutes

Meeting Summariser

Who said what, what was the agreed, what are the actions. Meetings summarised without taking any notes

Automated Project Manager

We took the process of a project manager and converted it into a series of intelligent building blocks, enabling fully remote teams of global freelancers to deliver anything

Marketing Automation

Marketing and Sales follow up shouldn't be challenging or possible to forget, automated workflows ensure every lead gets the right message at the right time


Predict Conversion likelihood

Will this lead convert to new business? Choose where to invest your time based on forecasted outcome

Predict Duration and Cost

How long will this project take and how much will it actually cost? Never guess again

Sentiment and Intent understanding

Respond to customers based on how they are feeling and what they are trying to achieve... automatically

Telephone Intelligent Chatbot

Your customers questions and challenges resolved, without talking to your team members.


USP Builder

Your business is amazing, but how do you share what makes you different? Answer Questions, Get your Unique Selling Proposition and all of the content for your landing page

Rising Copy

Get to 80% finished copy in seconds... Ideas, Taglines, Blogs, Press Releases, Emails drafted from keywords

Accelerated Website design & build

From idea to Implementation in a week. AI design and copy tools are changing web design and content creation. Try out a new design wthout spending thousands

Personalised Sales Videos*

Send videos to your leads and customers, personalised to the recipient, business and topic... without recording videos

Marketing Colletarol acceleration

Rapidly create and update fully compliant Marketing assets for your brand. Simple workflow, global team, amazing results

Medical Copywriter*

Write fully compliant referenced medical copy quickly  and accurately using our prototype Medical Copy tool

Expert Answer Chatbot*

Chat with an artificial expert on anything, scientifically accurate, maths capable, understanding current events and able to search the internet for answers. ChatGPT on steroid!

Video Avatars

Create videos in minutes, creating the script, voiceover, simulated team member and digital art through AI without recording anything


Watch this space...

Inventive AI will create entirely new things and solve some of the worlds biggest challenges. The early signs are incredibly positive, expect life changing advances.

... Miracles inbound

Far smarter people than us are building capabilities that will make leaps forward in life and material sciences. When there are capabilities that businesses can use, we will share them.
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